Q. What is the antenna supervisor feature?

A. The antenna supervisor feature supports both open circuit and short circuit detection. Either short circuit or open circuit is detected; it is reported to system by both GPIO state change and proprietary NMEA messages. In addition, it also supports short circuit protection.

Q. Does it need any external circuit to support the antenna supervisor feature?

A. No, it doesn’t. All the circuits are built-inside.

Q. How to connect the backup battery?

A. Connect backup battery to pin VBAT directly for GPS/GNSS modules. The charging circuit is built-inside.

Q. Why GPIO-controlled power saving feature?

A. If software power saving mechanism does not meet demand; it provides a way to completely power off GPS engine.

Q. Why PC could not connect to the USB GPS after USB driver installation?

A. For Windows system, one needs to further configure the USB driver for the used USB port. In this case, please connect the USB data cable to the USB port. If it is already connected, disconnect and then reconnect it again.

Q. Where to place GPS/GNSS module?

A. Antenna is built on top of GPS/GNSS module. For the best signal reception, GPS/GNSS module is suggested to facing the sky.

Q. How to set logging intervals of Data Logger?

A. The logging interval could be determined by time period or distance. The total number of records to be logged is also configurable. A separate Data Log tool running on PC is for this purpose.

Q. How to read the logging data of Data Logger?

A. The Data Log tool running on PC can retrieve the logged data, clear the memory space for future logging, suspend, and continue logging.